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Susan Renée Ghosn

A little about me:

I believe that my love of dance and movement is apparent in all of my  paintings.  I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana,USA in 1986 which led to choreography and performance in a touring modern dance company.

Migration to Sydney, Australia in 1988 and becoming a wife and mother meant that my creative outlet needed to transform with my new life. The catalyst that began my interest in painting was reading a biography of the famous American artist, Georgia O'Keeffe. Gradually I began to get commissions for paintings and started "Soul Expressions" in 2000. This enabled me to expand my style and collaborate with clients.   

Fluidity and spontaneity are necessary for a dancer and an artist. I have a strong desire to share my interests and express them in a collaborative way with my clients.

Collaboration is a wonderful tool to create specific artworks that will create just the right mood and energy in a room. Everything from the dimensions, colours, style and positioning will be tailored to suit each situation.  It is an exciting process where the client is a co-creator in the painting. 

To commission a painting, purchase cards or chat about possibilities...

please contact the artist at susan.ghosn@optusnet.com.au


  • 2016 Décor on Danks, Waterloo
  • 2014 Makers Lane Online Gallery
  • 2014 Easter Show
  • 2014 Dragon's Lair Gallery, Hurstville Museum and Gallery, Hurstville
  • 2014 Art of Sydney Awards, Maritime Art Museum, Sydney
  • 2014 Florabean Café, Sans Souci
  • 2013 Shambhala Treasures, Hurstville
  • 2006 Beyond the Ordinary Tea House, Balmain
  • 20o1-02 Scali Living, Moore Park

Art Shows

  • Oatley West Public School Art Show
  • The Kings School Art Show